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Samstag, 24. August 2019,
18:00 – 22:00 Uhr

Los Dos Cerrados – einmal Schlagzeug, einmal Gitarre. In ihren intimen Songs liegt eine Schwermut, die sich sehnsüchtig ausbreitet und immer wieder Unerwartetes entdecken lässt. Dabei aber immer wieder impulsive Ausbrüche und Momente unaufgelöster Spannung erzeugt. So bleibt bei aller Melancholie und dem Feingefühl doch der Eindruck: unter dem Minimal-Surf schlummert der Punk – und das im besten Sinne.
Nach der Veröffentlichung ihrer erster 7“ Single „La Calina / Mareste“ wird noch in diesem Jahr die 10“ „Nikita“ erscheinen. Auf Vinyl, wie immer.“

„Chukukos play fast with guitars that moan and cry out and with plenty of reverb that makes it sound like a big ugly room. Always works!“… ( 2017-best-rad-instro-record)

We are a Latin Rock band from Chile, now living in Berlin and Bern, who plays reverberant, instrumental music influenced by psychedelic, surf, punk, garageand cumbia. The project started in 2015 in Santiago with the aim of recording a studio album with original songs (that could eventually become a 12” Vinyl LP)
before we migrated to Germany and Switzerland. During the process we were invited to play in small festivals in Santiago and Valparaiso. After leaving Chile we were going to stop playing but since the recording caught the attention of specialized press, we started to receive invitations to play in Surf Festivals like ‚Reverb Rampage‘ (Berlin) and “Aloha Fest” (Poppodium Grenswerk, The Netherlands), which gave us the opportunity to keep dreaming with extending our Deep Latin Surf Attack to other countries. In April 2018 we welcomed our friend Alejandro Vega on bass to complete the combo that we are presenting now on different stages around Europe.

„…8 killer tracks that hold nothing back.It’s a mix of surfpunk and smash mouth,so you know it hits hard and fast… ( /2018/02/the-chukukos-deep-latinsurf- attack-2017.html)